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I hear a lot of talk in marketing circles about B2C vs. B2B.  In a nutshell, here’s how I’d describe how each side views the other: What B2B thinks about B2C: “B2C marketers think they are the “cool kids” at the prom.  But, the reality is they just spend tons of money and never show any results.  Where’s the ROI?” B2C thinks about B2B: “B2B? Boring-to-Boring.  I mean, how many original whitepapers… Read More

__ Today you can do a quantitative survey very easily. You don’t have to do them by mail or phone anymore. It’s all online. You can easily get thousands of respondents and deliver a statistically significant research study back to your executive team in just a few weeks. But even the best online survey can’t replace the old-fashioned way of getting customer insights—the focus group. In this digital age the focus group… Read More

In addition to, I also write monthly articles for my friends at BtoB Magazine (  Today they just released my latest article about the limitations of quantitative surveys and the everlasting importance of live focus groups. Click here to read the article.  If you like it, feel free to post to your social network of choice. Thanks.

This is another installment of “Statistically Significant”.  These posts focus on key stats that every marketer should know.  The last post was about Search Engine Optimization and you can read it here. Earlier this week I wrote post entitled “Twitter is Not a Strategy”.  Staying on the social media theme, I thought I’d unleash a goldmine of stats on social media.  Great stuff to sprinkle into your presentations.  Enjoy. 84% of B2B… Read More

I’m working on a presentation for PGi’s annual sales meeting.  It mostly full of big beautiful visuals from our website and advertising.  But, I wanted to add some substance to the style.  So I started Googling to find good stats about customer habits, the sales funnel, online usage, B2B trends, etc.  I found a lot of good stuff, but it was all over the place and not exactly what I wanted.  So,… Read More