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Monthly Archives: April 2013

For b2b marketers, there are a few certainties in life: death, taxes and sales collateral. Every company needs brochures, sales sheets, product slicks, tri-folds, bi-folds and more. When worked in marketing at, we had an 800-person sales force all over the country, so as you can imagine we had to create a ton of collateral. It got pretty expensive to print and ship those materials to our reps, but we always… Read More

For the most part, customer service sucks.  And what’s worse is that we’ve been trainied to accept the medicority.  Some might say that is a skeptical view.  But, chew on these stats: Only 37% of brands received good or excellent customer experience index scores. 64% of brands got a rating of “OK,” “poor,” or “very poor” from their customers. (Source: Forrester Customer Experience Index 2012) Poor customer experiences result in an estimated… Read More

UPDATED ON JANUARY 9, 2019 —– My friend Mike Steib, former Googler, current CEO of XO Group, and a guy with a ridiculously full head of hair for a 40+ year old, recently published a great book entitled The Career Manifesto, based on a Jerry Maguire-esque mission statement he had written many years ago while working at Google. Writing a book is no small feat so I’m super-happy for Mike and his success. … Read More

In my last post, I wrote all about my experience at the Google cafeteria.  Now I guess I have to write about the real reason I visited the Google office — to attend a B2B Technology Roundtable.  It was a great half-day meeting with some of Google’s customers who work in the B2B technology space.  Participants included Constant Contact, LogMeIn, Carbonite and Brightcove. I really like these kinds of meetings and I appreciate… Read More

I recently attended a meeting at Google’s office located in Cambridge, MA.  After spending a day there, I learned that Google treats their employees very well.  Or, I should say they feed their employees very well. When we got to the Google office our Account Manager took us to the kitchen where they have a Starbucks Barista-grade espresso machine, homemade granola bars and a ton of other snacks.  Most of the snacks are… Read More