Looking Back on My First Year at ParkMobile

Last week I celebrated my one year anniversary at ParkMobile. It has been a really fun ride so far. I had been doing a lot of B2B marketing in my jobs for the past few years, so it has been great to dive back into the B2C world, while still keeping my toes dipped in B2B. Looking back at the past 12 months, here are some of my favorite memories so far.

1) Evolving the brand/tagline: We were able to give the logo a sharp new look and changed the tagline from “Parking Made Simple” to “A Smarter Way to Park”. I’ve always believed people prefer “Smart” solutions to “simple” solutions. It’s like the difference between Fisher Price toy (simple) and the Nest thermostat (smart).

2) Adding some great team members: I’ve been very fortunate to bring on some “A” players to our team so we can accelerate everything we do. I hired a few of my former colleagues – Brad Goldman from AutoTrader and Donnie Senterfitt from PGi. It’s always great to reunite with talented people you’ve worked with in the past. We’ve also been able to move some of the existing team members into new roles where they can continue to develop and grow at ParkMobile. Throughout my career, I’ve learned that it’s all about the people. And I’m very excited with the marketing team we’ve assembled.

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3) Videos, videos and more videos: I’m a firm believer in the power of video to tell your brand story and engage with consumers. We’ve done over 50 videos in the last year. You can check them out on our YouTube page. To save time and money, I do most of the voiceovers myself and appear in some of the video demos. Of all the videos we’ve done, the one below is my personal favorite.

4) Launching an internal company newsletter: We have so much going on every week at ParkMobile. We’re launching markets, rolling out products, getting awards, etc. It was nearly impossible to keep everyone in the loop. We realized we needed a way to get the word out to our employees. So, we launched a weekly newsletter called “In the Zone”. It goes out every Monday morning and keeps everyone informed about the latest news in our company. I think it has helped improve employee communication to keep people engaged.

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5) Attending lots of parking conferences: I’m new to the parking industry and in the past year, I’ve gone to PIE, NPA and IPI. The conferences have been great. They’ve helped me learn the industry and meet some of the key players. Check out the Facebook Live video we did at the 2018 IPI Conference below.

6) Fun: We try to have some fun with the ParkMobile brand. On April Fools Day, we issued a press release saying that ParkMobile would be the official parking provider for the Nation of Wakanda (from the Black Panther). Then on Father’s Day, we did a video with some of our favorite dad jokes. You can watch it below.

So, year one at ParkMobile is in the books. I look forward to what year two will bring. And make sure you download the ParkMobile app today!

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