Don’t Stop the Presses!

Sharing insights and killing trees.

Sharing insights and killing trees.

I was asked to write a an aritlce for the 2013 Lead Generation issue of BtoB Magazine.  I submitted the article about a month ago and the printed issue just came out.  In this digital age, the idea of a paper magazine seems a bit old school.  But, I have to say that it’s kind of nice seeing yourself in a print publication.  It just feels more important than being featured on a website.

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But, magazine circulation has been on a steady decline for years.  The chart below shows the year over year loses.  Fewer reads means fewers advertisers.  Fewer advertisers means that magazines are going out-of-business or have to merge to stay alive.  It’s amazing to think that a print magazine like Newsweek is no longer around.  All the content was absorbed into The Daily Beast.

Magazines on the decline.

I don’t know what the future holds for magazines.  But, I hope they stay around.  There’s something nice about reading a magazine with the glossy paper and beautiful photos.  I’m a subscriber of Outside Magazine and Runner’s World.  I have to admit that when they come in the mail every month, I get very excited to see them.  It’s like a nice gift where you get to open it and you’re surprised by what’s inside.

Plus, if magazines go away, what else will I do with 15 minutes on an airplane during take-off and landing when you can’t use your electronic devices?

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